Privacy Policy

Big Picture Investments Privacy Policy

The following document outlines the agreement between Big Picture Investing, A Delaware C. Corp, hereinafter named as the company, and you the user during this beta-testing period with regards to user privacy and data usage. If you have any additional questions or concerns about anything you read here please email

Data Collection

As the provider of news, opinions, and other forms of financial information the company reserves the right to collect the following pieces of information for the primary purpose of helping improve the quality of what we provide you, the end-user.

Please note that if you are a resident of Europe that at this time we do not have the bandwidth or staffing to ensure that our practices are GDPR compliant, By continuing to use the product you acknowledge and accept that as a term of use.

Data Use

The data that is being collected may include but is not limited to the following fields:

- Name

- Email

- Age

- Investing preferences

- Levels of investment experience

- Product feedback

- Page view statistics

- IP

- Usage information

- Log information

Any data provided to the company will be used internally for the following purposes:

- User and program analytics

- Future marketing efforts undertaken solely by the company and no outside party

By using our website you as the user give the company consent to analyze your data so the company can determine and pursue any product development or fundraising that results in the most viable path to market for the company and its products. Your feedback is critical to ensuring that what the company develops provides real end value to users and delivers on the social and environmental values we hold as a critical part of our existence.

Data Storage

Your data is being securely stored on externals servers with Wix, Google, and Amazon. Outside of any access required for the operation and maintenance of these servers they have no other access to your data.

If at any time you want to see the data the company has collected from you, or want the company to delete the information they have collected from you please email